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Monday, February 28, 2005

How to Fix Sports

I want to be the king of sports, just for a little while. Since they are all sucking in one way or the other, here is what I would do if I were King. Tell me I am wrong. Tell me that things wouldn't be better if.....

In the NFL - - -
1> We adopted the College Overtime. I think it has improved the college game 10-fold. Right now a tie is determined, essentially by the flip of a coin.

2> Cut down the Pre-season. No one cares anyway.

3> Get rid of the media week between the Championship games and the Super Bowl. Quite frankly, the press runs out of good questions anyway, and I really do not care what kind of tree Tom Brady would be. Let's finish the season sometime in January.

In the NBA - - -
1> Let's start by only guaranteeing the first year of a contract. With the "capology" that goes on, the team should be able to cut a player without hurting the salary cap, particularly if the player acts like a total dick. The NFL does it. The teams should pay through the nose if they are dumb enough to sign Zach Randolph for $84 mil. But if Darius Miles is dumb enough to call his coach names and berate him in practice, he should go and the team should not have to pay any more than this year's salary. The team should be able to pay off the salary for this year, the player should then be able to go into free agency the following year, and the team can get some cap relief. The player can then take his chances in the market.

2> Cut the playoffs down to 4 teams per conference and make sure the playoffs happen every other night. One night rest between games is plenty. The playoffs should be done in May. First week of June at the latest. Currently, they just kep going like The Energizer Bunny.

3> I like the Sportsguys idea of spicing up All-Star Weekend with a H-O-R-S-E competition. Hey, All-Star weekend can't get any worse.

Baseball -
1> Let's start by putting the weekend playoff games and World Series games on in the daytime. I loved taking the transistor radio to grade school to listen to the World Series through an earplug.
2> Let's make a decision on the Designated Hitter and go with it. My advice would be to dump it. 3> I know this steroid thing is going to end badly, but I love baseball history. I believe that any records that are officially deemed "tainted" are stricken. I'd hate to see the magical "Summer of '98" turn into a pumped-up farce, but I doubt that Barry Bonds was on Jenny Craig this last winter. (I'll also be surprised it he hits 30 HR's this year.)
4> Again work out the playoffs so they are done in early October.

Hockey -
1> I think the first issue can be resolved by playing.......well, just playing. This thing needed to be resolved. I am sad the the Stanley Cup will remain in Tampa Bay, that hotbed of Hockey, for another year. This is what the sport has come to.
2> The league has overexpanded beyond repair. I'd dump at least six teams.
3> Dallas needs to rename their team. The new team in Minnesota needs to be the North Stars. Don't you think it is the right thing to do?

The Olympics -
1> Tell NBC that there are other Olympic sports besides Basketball, Swimming, and Gymnastics. Did you know that the USA had two Olympic Marathon medalists this year? No reason why you should, the race was pre-empted with the quarter-finals of beach volleyball. I'm not even kidding.
2> Let's get back to the amateurs. Tell me that if you took the professionals out of the last Olympics, our college All-Stars would not have been classier and done as well or better. That said...
3> I feel the Men's Olympic team got a raw deal. Sure, they "only"got the bronze and didn't have the best press conferences, but they went and represented the USA, and were fairly classy doing it. Kobe, Shaq, and many of the others didn't even bother to make the trip.
4> I'll say the same thing about Steriods and drugs that I said about baseball. It's going to get ugly. But Marion Jones was perfectly clean this year, and her performance was...well...not enhanced.

A few other things.
1> In Golf - Use the British open tie-breaker. Four holes - no sudden death. The US Open needs to take a lesson.
2> I'd love to see a Match Play major. Maybe take the PGA championship to the final 16 on Saturday, then play them off match play style 2 matches a day. This last weeks Match Play championship was really fun to watch.
3> My favorite - - - NASCAR. Here is what I'd do. After each wreck, I'd make sure the driver is out of the car and safe during the yellow flag. But I'd require that they leave the car on the track, until the end of the race. Now we'd have a bit of an obstacle course. Certainly a little more exciting than having 33 people drive 500 miles in a circle, don't you think?

Anyway - that is what I'd do if I were King.


"Don't let the Bastards grind you down"

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