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Friday, December 23, 2016

Brew's Predictions - Week 17 (77-66-7)

This week I have my Bowl predictions as well as 6 NFL predictions for the week.
I have rallied as of late and got back into the W column.


* NY Jets @ New England (-16.5) - I know the Pats can clinch a bye this week and the Jets suck, but for me a spread of 16.5 in the NFL is ludicrous. Jets will cover, Pats will clinch.

* Detroit @ Dallas (-7) - The Lions are trying to win their division. The Cowboys are just trying to remain healthy, Seven points is a lot to cover. I think they'll win overall, but will certainly cover the touchdown.

* San Diego @ Cleveland (+6) - Ok so Cleveland is at home and playing a fairly unimpressive Chargr team. But the Chargers are decent and the Browns simply aren't. Chargers should cover the 6.

* Arizona @Seattle (-7.5) - Anytime the spread gets over a touchdown I get suspicious. The Seahawks will make the playoffs no matter what and will probably beat the Cards, but 7.5 is a lot of points. Hawks win, Cards cover.

* Tennesee @ Jacksonville (+4.5) - Has anyone noticed the Titans are doing very well. Mariota is impressive and needs this win against one of the bottom 4 to make the playoffs. They should cover the 4.5.

Broncos @ * Chiefs (-3) - I have the Chiefs winning by three. Call this the best chance there is for me to tie. They have a little more going right now than the Broncos and they are at home.


For my Bowl picks, I have made 12 picks - straight Win/Loss. Please understand that for purposes of me declaring myself Great, I will call an 11-1 record here perfect. You'll understand as you read on.

Rose Bowl - *USC vs. Penn St. - This will be a teriffic game. In My opinion, USC should be in the Final four along with 'Bama, Michigan, and Ohio St. (It is supposed to be the best 4 and not the most deserving. But that's an argument for another time.) USC has been unstoppable in the past 4 games and once again shown they are USC. Penn St. is outstanding and won the Big Ten. Can't wait for this one, May be the best game in the bowl schedule. USC by 2 in a tight game.

Cotton Bowl - Western Michigan vs. *Wisconsin  - The Badgers played a tough schedule this year. Western Michigan is strong, but I think the Badgers walk away. Wisconsin by 10.

Fiesta Bowl - *Ohio St. vs. Clemson - Ohio St. is right where they should be at #2. Clemson 'deserves' to be there, but the Buckeyes will be too much. OHIO ST. by a touchdown.

Orange Bowl - *Michigan vs. Florida St. - I have Michigan as the #3 seed, I think they'll beat the Seminoles handily, even on the road. MICH by 8 or more. (Sorry, Brian!)

Sugar Bowl - Auburn @ *Oklahoma - Like many of these bowl picks, I am just guessing here, but I think the Sooners win this one. OKLAHOMA by 3.

Foster Farms Bowl - Indiana @Utah - I am not buying Indiana, (AKA my "East Coast" school.) The Runnin' Utes should run away with this one. UTAH by at least a touchdown.

Russell Athletic Bowl - *West Virginia vs. Miami Hurricanes - Love the fact that the 'Canes will be dramatically outmatched. Mountaineers by at least a touchdown and I hope it is much more.

Outback Bowl - *Florida vs. Iowa -  You do not know how badly I want to pick Iowa here. they are the better team and played a tougher schedule. However, they are playing in Tampa where the Gators rule. The Gators finally have a coach that I don't dislike, and they always thrive in Bowl games. FLORIDA wins, not sure by how much.

Music City Bowl - Nebraska vs. *Tennessee - As much as I want to pick Iowa in the last game, I REALLY want to pick Nebraska here. I have family history at that school, and love Mike Riley as a coach. This will be a terrific game and I really want to see it. I think it is fairly even. Based on no other reason that home field advantage, I'm taking the Volunteers. TENNESSEE in overtime.

Sun Bowl - *Stanford vs. North Carolina - I think it is criminal that teams with 8-4 records are "rewarded" for their great season by a trip to El Paso. (Let's just say, Las Vegas, it aint!) There will be stars missing from this game on both sides. Needless to say, this game does not look that good. Taking Stanford only as a homer pick and because I don't know much about the Tar Heels. STANFORD wins, but this game will be dreadful.

Alamo Bowl - Colorado vs. *Oklahoma State - These teams are pretty even. I am taking the Cowboys mainly because they were better later in the season and it's theiy will likely have more fans in the stands. No Idea by how much. OK. ST.

Peach Bowl - Alabama vs. *Washington - Okay, you all wanted to know what I am going to do here
You know that I treasure my good prediction record, and love my Huskys. I already let everyone know how I feel about them being in the final four when there are at least two better teams than them that got passed over ( Michigan and USC). Nevertheless, we are in Atlanta, about 200 miles and a 24$ bus ride to Tuscaloosa where we will play against the Defending Champion that has not lost a game in a couple years, and has rolled everyone in their path this season. Can a bunch of bookworms from Seattle stand a chance against the mighty Crimson Tide? Hell, no! Of course not! Then why on earth are you picking them to win. Loyalty, my friends! I would rather eat the loss on my record than know I did not pick them in this bowl game. By the way, A Husky is a beautiful animal and a Crimson tide is...I am not sure exactly what a Crimson Tide is. So while the Tide Rolls, there will still be one alumnus that stuck by my Huskies. Oh, by the way - if by some chance, Washington wins, you heard it here first! - WASHINGTON - but not really. I just hope it is not humiliating.

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